Introduction to Skydiving

The sport in which people jump out of aircrafts and land with the aid of a parachute is called skydiving. You may do this alone or with other skydivers. This sport delivers a rush of adrenaline followed by a feeling of well-being, due to the effect of leaping into the air and falling freely for some time before using the parachute. This sense of calm will relax a skydiver even after landing for quite a long time.

Parachutes as we know them today, was invented at the end of the 18 th century, but only in the 20 th century had the military begun to use them extensively. Along the years, equipment and techniques developed by the army set the grounds for the designing of sport parachutes. This sport is considered to be a very pleasant relaxing activity, but it can also be seen as a competitive one. Skydiving has spread all over the world and has taken in hundreds of thousands of people. Nevertheless , the country that leads this sport is the United States, by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).